Students will have Ballet class once weekly. They will work on moving to music, and learn short dance combinations.
The children will have Ballet Performance every semester.

Tae Kwon Do
For TKW class children will learn how to Focus, Discipline, Balance, Coordination, Teamwork, Fitness, Memory and Respect.
It will help on improving children's basic motor and listening skills.

Cooking Class
Once a week, students will cook / make and taste their own food. Most of the recipes have been accumulated, tried, tested,
and yes -even tasted by teachers who have been successfully cooking with students

Tumbling Tots
Preschool gymnastics helps children to develop a positive self-esteem. It gives confidence. It teaches coordination,
fine and gross motor skills, socialization, following directions, and most of all, a joy of learning.

The best time to learn a foreign language: Between birth and age 7.
Introduce your child to the Spanish Language. Your child will enjoy learning Spanish vocabulary and phrases in classes that teach
our state's "second language" in a fun and easy way

Art & Craft
Challenging gross and fine motor activities, hand-eye coordination with all kinds of painting
(easel, finger, water color, feather, string etc.), cutting, gluing, pasting, including collage items. Activities with play-doh,
water play, games, and small manipulative play, which includes readiness activities

Private Piano Lesson

1. Instruction Station
Personal instruction time with Piano teacher at the piano

2. Computer Station
Fun ear training and music theory software

3. Practice Station
Reinforce new concepts and practice habits.

4. Workbook/Listening Station
Listen to famous piano pieces, use flashcards, workbook, and other manipulatives.
Each child progresses at their own pace and classes culminate with a recital once a year.

Field Trip & Special Day
The Pumpkin Patch, Chuck E. Cheese, Farm Visit, Beach Day, Ice Cream Day, Zoo, Christmas Concert, Thanksgiving Program, Musical Performances
And Much More!
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