Children of Light has low student to teacher ratios and small group sizes. None of our class groups are larger than 12 children.
We believe this provides a more intimate environment for children and their families. Curriculum includes directed activities,
play and outdoor physical development, thematic activities, instructional materials, and texts. Bible is integrated
throughout the day. We will use Bible stories, character building stories, music, and prayer as part of
our curriculum. We want the children to know God loves each one of us, Jesus is our friend,
the Bible is God's Word, and prayer is our time to talk to God.
It is normal for toddlers to be curious about their surroundings. During active exploration
of their environment, we may find them in situations that could cause harm to themselves,
others, or materials around them. We understand that a child's natural curiosity can override
their ability to comply with rules; we do our best to provide a ¡°child-proof¡± environment so
that children are able to enjoy free exploration of their environment. This is a delicate stage
in a child's development during this stage they are forming a self-concept of themselves.
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